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Our audit services are oriented towards the activities, objectives and goals of our clients, so they are designed to obtain a full understanding of the nature of their operations, of their information systems, as well as of the internal control used by the administration to guarantee the achievement of the planned goals.


Likewise, we offer a forensic audit service which grants an objective investigation, which allows our clients to retrieve objective conclusions  and findings, which will serve as evidence in the face of judicial proceedings or any other procedure wanted by our client.


Our audit services include:

  • External financial audit

  • Internal audit

  • Risk audit

  • Operational audit

  • Administrative audit

  • Forensic audit



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CGS-CPA & Consultores provides comprehensive accounting outsourcing services, using various accounting systems, especially the SAP BUSINESS ONE computer systems, of which our firm has been a "partner" since December 2014, and BMS, which is available at our firm. , through the use of our public IP and via Internet.


In all cases, the documents supporting the accounting transactions will be handled with due professional responsibility and confidentiality. We also manage the accounting function in the systems that the client has installed in their company.


Among other services, the following are offered:

  • Preparation of the monthly financial statements

  • Outsourcing of the accounting service

  • Declaration and presentation of taxes

  • Certificates of income, financial statements, patents, among others

  • Counseling and consulting in the accounting area

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Among our services, we offer a permanent tax and fiscal advice, in order to avoid possible contingencies with the Tax Administration, as well as to improve the financial results of our clients. In the same way, we have extensive experience in the process of returning balances for payment of sales taxes and income taxes.


Among our tax advisory services we offer:

  • Permanent advice

  • Study and analysis of credits in favor of card retentions

  • Review, analysis and reconciliation of the Tax Administration account statement

  • Presentation of corrective statements

  • Consultations, processing and follow-up of requests and claims before the Tax Administration

  • Preparation of notes and forms before the Tax Administration

Transfer Pricing


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In CGS-CPA & Consultores, we have a payroll administration service for our clients, which includes the calculation of work benefits, according to national regulation, both in a monthly, biweekly, or hourly schemes. Among the services we provide in the payroll administration are:

  • Preparation of the payroll for the respective payment

  • Review and calculation of everything related to deductions that must be made by law, as well as the employees benefits according with national regulation

  • Monthly presentation of the forms before the CCSS and the INS in accordance with current regulations

  • Preparation of payroll accounting records

  • Calculation of bonuses, labor settlements and vacations

  • Calculation and reimbursement of wage garnishments and alimony

  • Processing of loans to entities in agreement with our clients

  • Records of wages

  • Records management

Asset and Inventories


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For the normal development of the economic activity, many companies carry out operations with international or local related companies, who act as suppliers and/or clients of this. Our services consist in the realization of a study of transfer pricing for the operations carried out by the company with its related or local related companies in accordance with Decree No. 37898-H. Article 4 - Gazette 176 of September 2013.


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Our asset and inventory management services aim to provide our clients, the security that their inventories are controlled and/or destroyed following current and legal regulations, as well as guaranteeing that their assets and equipment are updated and in use, in such a way that the information is transferred to the financial statements in a reliable manner and that there are no unnecessary or obsolete assets that affect the good functioning and normal operation of the company and even that the auxiliary of those assets is the basis for calculating depreciation expenses and thus avoiding possible fiscal contingencies that may result in adjustments to disposable income and therefore increases in income tax payments and associated charges.


Our services include:

  • Inventorization of assets

  • Verification of inventories and assets

  • Destruction of assets with its respective reports and certification

  • Transportation custody

  • Advice on the treatment of assets by the company




We have accountants, tax advisers, lawyers and financial experts dedicated exclusively to the care of independent professionals. (Doctors, engineers, architects, entrepreneurs, etc). We are a proactive and responsible team of experts who will ensure that you make informed financial decisions at all times.

-We fully understand the complexity of your profession

-We provide you with strategic advice and effective results

-We make the transition smooth and simple, without major hiccups or additional work

Our services include:

Monthly accounting

Monthly financial report

Monthly VAT return preparation

Annual Preparation D-151

Annual income statement preparation

Financial advice 1 hour per month

Projection of tax payable




Crypto funds are growing in popularity because of their ability to manage new kinds of capital to generate crypto gains and assets.  Whether you are already in or you’re potentially entering this realm, CGS has the experts to help you.  CGS offers in-house accounting experts that can ensure that your crypto transactions are properly managed as well as accounted for.




Does your company require an ERP that allows you to manage accounting, inventories, projection management, operations, among others? CGS can help you with the implementation of the SAP BUSINESS ONE system for your company, which can help you to debug and optimize the efficient use of your company's resources.

CGS offers you the rental of different types of licenses at competitive prices, which will allow you to enjoy one of the most recognized ERPs in the world at a comfortable price for your company.

Similarly, if requested, the implementation of the system may include the digital billing module, which is a solution to meet the legal requirements for companies and societies, which require issuing and / or receiving digital tax receipts.

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