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Our audit services are oriented towards our clients activities and goals, they are designed to obtain a complete comprehension of the nature of the clients operations, information systems, as well as internal control utilized by the administration, in order to guarantee the achievement of the planned goals.

External financial audit: with the purpose of issuing an independent opinion on the rationality of financial statements of a given date and the elaboration of a letter to management team, where we include recommendations on how to improve the internal control system implemented by the management team and any other important affair to help improve the corporate management of our client.

Internal audit: We support the administration and top management in the evaluation of internal administrative, financial, and accounting control, as well as in the implementation of new accounting norms and regulations of supervised entities.

Risk audit: We evaluate the risks that an organization is subjected to and we provide recommendations to be able to define strategies to properly attend those risks.

Operational audit: We support the administration on the evaluation of a specific area of the organization, with the goal of measuring and assessing its performance and function of its efficiency and effectiveness in the utilization of all available resources.


Administrative audit: We perform an analysis of the business's organizational structure which includes, control and operation procedures and the performance of its workforce, to reach the corporate objectives and prepare relevant reports of recommendation for decision making by senior management to improve those processes.


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provides comprehensive accounting outsourcing services, using multiple accounting systems such as QuickBooks, BMS, among others,and particularly ODOO.

Accounting Services Outsourcing:  We offer outsourcing services, which means taking full or partial responsibility for our clients' accounting functions. This includes tasks such as transaction recording, bank reconciliation, preparation and filing of VAT (monthly), source tax withholding (monthly), and income tax (annual), reconciliation of accounts receivable and accounts payable (balance reconciliation), and the delivery of monthly financial statements.


Accounting Supervision: This involves regularly reviewing and auditing clients' financial records and internal accounting processes to ensure accuracy, integrity, and compliance with applicable accounting and legal standards. Accounting supervision may include identifying areas for improvement, establishing proper internal controls, preventing fraud and errors, and issuing recommendations to optimize the efficiency and quality of accounting records.

In all cases, supporting documents for accounting transactions will be handled with due professional responsibility and confidentiality. We also manage the accounting function within the systems that the client has installed in their company.

Among other services, the following are offered:

Recording of Financial Transactions: We take care of recording and classifying clients' financial transactions accurately and in a timely manner.


Preparation of Monthly Financial Statements and Reports: We create balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and changes in equity, as well as the corresponding notes to these statements.


Accounting Advisory: We provide advice and guidance to clients on accounting matters, such as compliance with tax norms and regulations, optimization of financial processes, cost management, and fulfillment of tax obligations.


Coordination with Audits: In collaboration with the client, we provide information and support during external or internal audits. This may involve preparing relevant documentation, responding to inquiries, and addressing identified issues.


Tax Management: We take care of the monthly tax obligations of clients, as well as income tax declaration. This involves calculating and filing tax returns, tracking changes in tax regulations, and seeking opportunities to minimize the tax burden.


Customer Service: We maintain regular and effective communication with clients to address their accounting needs, answer questions, and provide guidance. This involves a proactive attitude to anticipate issues and offer appropriate solutions.

Knowledge Update: Since accounting standards and regulations are constantly evolving, the department stays updated on changes in legislation and best accounting practices. This ensures that the services provided to clients are aligned with current standards and requirements.

Coordination for the Implementation of Additional Products or Modules in the Accounting Software (Odoo): The Accounting Department is primarily responsible for coordinating the implementation of additional products or modules in the accounting software (Odoo) with our provider or specialists. This is done at the client's request.


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Among our services, we offer permanent accounting advisory, with the goal of avoiding contingencies with the Tax Administration, how we support our clientele in the correct fiscal planification, that allows to improve the financial results and optimize the cash flow in tax payments and the correspondents to social security. The same way, we count on a great deal of experience in procedures for the return of balances for payments of sales tax and/or rent , before Tax Administration.

There tax advisory services we offer include:

  • Permanent and timely advice according to the requirements of our clients.

  • Analysis of credit card retention credits.

  • Study and analysis of tax credits.

  • Revision, analysis, and conciliation of the Tax Administration account statements.

  • Presentation of rectifying tax returns.

  • Consults, processing, and follow-up of requests and claims before the Tax Administration.

  • Preparation of before the Tax Administration.


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We have a payroll administration service, which includes the calculation of labor benefits, in accordance with the regulations, both in monthly, biweekly or hourly payrolls.

Among the services we provide in payroll administration are the following:

  • Preparation of the spreadsheet, based on the information sent by those responsible in the client's company.

  • Review and determination of everything related to the deductions that are required by law, as well as the presentations for each case


  • Monthly submission of tax returns to the CCSS and the INS in accordance with current regulations.

  • Elaboration of payroll accounting records.

  • Calculation of Christmas bonuses, labor settlements and vacations.


  • Calculation and reduction of wage garnishments and alimony.

  • Processing of loans to entities in agreement with our clients.

  • Salary statements at the request of officers and employees and in accordance with the instructions of the client's managers.

  • File management of each officer and employee.


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CGS-CPA y Consultores also provides the following services:

  • Destruction of Inventories and Certification for Tax or Internal Control Purposes. This service aims to provide an accurate and reliable assessment of the existing inventory in a company, as well as to certify the proper destruction of obsolete, damaged, or assets that need to be disposed of appropriately.

  • Due Diligence: This involves conducting thorough investigations or assessments to determine potential negative impacts on financial, commercial, and other aspects before making a decision that could affect a company's operations.

  • Preparation of Financial, Accounting, and Cash Flow Certifications for Banking Purposes.

  • Transfer Pricing Studies, including documentation, informative statements, BEPS documentation preparation, tax defense and audits, controlled profit analysis, advance pricing agreements, and development of intercompany policies.



This area is responsible for providing efficient support and management in the treasury and payroll functions of clients. It plays a crucial role in the efficient management of clients' financial and payroll operations. Its focus on accuracy, timeliness, and regulatory compliance ensures proper cash flow and effective management of financial and talent resources. This allows clients to concentrate on their core business activities.

Treasury Functions:

  • We take care of the efficient management of clients' cash flows and liquid assets. This can include managing bank accounts, preparing cash flow budgets, projecting cash flow, bank reconciliation, and optimizing cash position.

  • Emission and reception of electronic invoices, electronic tickets, debit notes, and credit notes: This service handles the issuance and receipt of electronic documents related to a company's commercial transactions. It includes the generation and sending of electronic invoices to clients, as well as the reception and recording of invoices received from suppliers. Additionally, it also covers the issuance of electronic tickets, debit notes, and credit notes in case of modifications or adjustments to transactions.

  • Payment Processing: We take on the timely and accurate processing of payments to suppliers, employees, and other financial obligations. This includes reviewing invoices, preparing checks or electronic transfers, scheduling recurring payments, and managing authorizations.

  • Collection and Accounts Receivable Management: We track and efficiently manage clients' accounts receivable. This involves sending invoices, monitoring overdue payments, negotiating payment agreements, preparing collection reports, and resolving issues related to client payments.

  • Payment of Tax and Other Mandatory Government Obligations: This service deals with the compliance of a company's tax and governmental obligations. It includes preparing and filing tax declarations and payments, contributions, and fees required by tax and governmental authorities. Additionally, it may also cover handling procedures related to licenses, permits, or other governmental requirements applicable to the company.

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